Smartphone Shopping? iOS and Android and Windows, Oh My!

A fun personification of the smartphone shopping experience.

Today people shopping for a smartphone are often caught up in the whirlwind of choices.  Once you enter that foreign land of the cell phone store, you are greeted by all the little people trying to sell you what they think you should have.  

As you wander through the winding and beautifully laid out displays, no doubt you will run into that ever-friendly, yet hip iOS based-device, also known as the iPhone.  The iPhone is friendly and familiar. Its interface looks the same on the outside, yet gets re-stuffed with new often meager updates to stay relevant.  It does however, have some of the best brains in the bunch.  iOS is very familiar and looks the same as when it debuted on the original iPod Touch, although it was not called iOS until 2007.

Then, just when you thought it was going to be easy, you notice the Android devices. The Android mascot beckons you to choose one of their devices. The choice here is a little more overwhelming, as there are several manufacturers with devices at all price points. The Android OS has a lot of heart and goes to- to-toe with iOS. These devices have a lot of range as far as construction and processing power. The look and feel of Android is much more user-customizable.

Then as you turn the next corner, you are greeted by that very familiar name, yet very new look of the Windows devices. Microsoft is truly roaring in with a brand new look and sleek styling. These new phones sure show their courage in the marketplace by taking on the two more established leaders. They are well adept at social networking, and have good quality hardware.

The choices are vast and each has their own niche to fill. If you like Apple products and have already invested heavily into the iTunes ecosystem, then you will be happier with an iPhone. The same could be said here for Android if you already have a stake in Google Play Store, if so, you will be satisfied staying with them. Then there are the new Windows phones, their application store is growing and has many of the same great games and applications as the others.  These devices look great, have excellent performance and show great promise as a third alternative.

If you are new to the smartphone arena, then the doors are wide open for you to enter in and explore. Pick a phone that you will use, not one that has features you will never utilize. Also pick a phone that suits your style, as nowadays they are just as much an accessory as a watch or a purse. As far as carriers go, they vary, as everyone’s needs and coverage by providers are different. We are definitely in the age of data consumption, so choose based on how you use. Some providers will let you adjust your plan as you go to help you achieve the correct balance. Now that the trip to the cell phone store is complete, click your heels together three times and go home and enjoy your new smartphone.

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