What To Do If The FVC Changes Again?

Trojans coaches discuss their thoughts on Johnsburg possibly leaving the Fox Valley Conference.

Over the past month, it has been reported that Johnsburg is looking to leave the Fox Valley Conference which would put the conference back at 13 teams if the Skyhawks were to bolt back to the Big Northern Conference.

I took the opportunity to ask some coaches at Cary about what the conference should do if the conference goes back to 13 teams and if the conference should go to 16 teams instead of just looking for another 14th team.

said that it probably wouldn’t have a major impact in her opinion.

“It (would) be hard but it really wouldn’t affect our side of the conference,” Olson said. “It really doesn’t affect us that much but a lot depends on who would come in and that is totally a superintendent’s discussion on that.”

Coaches including boys basketball coach Ralph Schuetzle agreed with Olson’s opinion on not having a huge impact but Schuetzle has a thought about what may happen with future teams in the FVC.

“My guess is once the housing market booms again Huntley will have to split and have 2 high schools,” Schuetzle said. “They are already at 2300 students. We are basically two separate conferences anyway so having an equal number in my mind is not an issue.”

Most coaches are indifferent about the possibility of going back to 13 or heading toward 16 teams. Coaches like football coach Brad Seaburg have other things on their mind than conference changes like getting ready for next season.

“I haven’t really thought about it, honestly,” Seaburg said. “I’ve been pretty focused on our off-season preparation and getting ready for St. Charles East.”

Boys soccer coach Mark Olson had a similar view about the changes.

“Whoever you are playing that day is the most important thing,” Olson said.

On the topic of going to 16 teams, girls basketball coach Rod Saffert would just like the conference to be as strong as possible.

“I don't personally care how many teams are in the conference,” Saffert said. “We will continue to do what we do.  If we were to grow to 16 teams, so be it.  Hopefully, the addition of teams would make the conference stronger.”


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