Cool Temps, Cloudy Skies Add up to Magnificent Chicago Marathon Race

Local runners participated in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday, Oct. 7.


Several local runners participated in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon on Sunday.

Runner Mike Stotz, of Crystal Lake, said the weather provided the perfect setting for the 35th annual marathon. Stotz, 43, ran the marathon as part of the Nike Pace Team, which helps motivate the athletes so they can meet their time goals. More information about the Nike Pace Team can be found in this Patch article.

"This was a fantastic race," Stotz said. "The cool temperatures and low sunlight made it so great for the all the participants."

The annual marathon filled out in record time this year- with registration closing out for the event in six days. The marathon also includes a division for wheelchair and handcycle athletes.

The 2012 marathon saw historic performances by men’s champion Tsegaye Kebede and women’s champion Atsede Baysa, both of Ethiopia, as a record  37,455 participants crossed the finish line under cool conditions in Grant Park, according to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon website.

Kebede’s time of 2:04:38 broke the previous course record by nearly a minute, and Baysa’s one-second margin of victory over Rita Jeptoo, of Kenya, resulted in the closest women’s finish in race history.

Here is a list of local runners who completed the 2012 Bank of America Chicago Marathon within four hours, according to the race results:

Crystal Lake

Matthew Lavine, 2:35:30

Mike Stotz, 3:24:00

Colleen Edwards, 3:26:26

Eileen Maule, 3:27:13

Patrick Buxton, 3:27:57

Bob Degroot, 3:34:19

Robert Rokusek, 3:34:42

Kyle Irwin, 3:34:46

Paul Connor, 3:35:24

Alex Walker, 3:35:48

James Sabre, 3:37:51

Nancy Gorman, 3:37:04

Beth Wolniewicz, 3:37:53

Ryan McKevett, 3:40:37

Matt Metropulos, 3:40:58

Tony Demakis, 3:41:55

Samantha Weisz, 3:45:34

Tiffany Hassell, 3:47:57

Kathy Gu, 3:49:53

Heather Dudek, 3:50:33

Anne Hasemann, 3:51:40

Megan McArdle, 3:56:56

Kara Heideman, 3:56:56

Jamie Nabielec, 3:57:21

Lauren Wagner, 4:00:23


Brad Keating, 2:52:59

Eric Green, 2:59:19

Paul Kasischke, 3:17:57

Phillip Hansen, 3:29:02

Michael Czarnik, 3:36:14

Timothy Nordin, 3:41:27

Krystal Damiano, 3:46:26

Fox River Grove

Gary Wooldridge, 3:03:07

Timothy Brubacher, 3:31:17


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