VIDEO: Cary Jr. High Teachers' Parody of 'What Makes You Beautiful'

Cary Jr. High School teachers release third lip-synch production.


Teachers at Cary Jr. High School produced their first lip-dup video at the beginning of the year, jumping on the "Call Me Maybe" craze to welcome students back to school in a fun and entertaining manner.

The students loved it.

Then at the end of the first quarter, the entire staff participated in the second lip-dub production, "Home" by Phillip Phillips, a much more mellow, sincere video telling students the school at 2109 Crystal Lake Rd. in Cary is their home, too.

Continuing with the lip-synching theme, five Cary Jr. High teachers - all men - just released the third "Dragon Film Production" (the school's mascot is the dragon): "What Makes You Beautiful."

The video "dropped" this past Thursday, Jan. 25, and is heating up the Cary Jr. High Facebook site, and enjoying 500 views on YouTube, as well.

"This one's the most popular," said Asst. Principal Eric Larson. "We've been having an amazing response on our Facebook page, as well."

Teachers Tom Kiefer, Pablo Arreola, Mark Royer, Chris Thompson and Jon Diersen ham it up in the "Beautiful" hit-song, which was released by the latest boy band sensation, "One Direction," from England. Jarrett Natrop, son of math teacher Jill Natrop, performs the role of the dragon.

Cary's "man" band sing and dance amongst the winter setting of an local park, and the outtakes at the end are some of the funniest - especially when Mr. Arreola gets trapped in the tall grass.

Despite the light-hearted, comic aspect of the production, it's all meant to send one very serious message: beauty's on the inside, not the outside.

"Beauty is how you treat people, and how you help people," the video states.

The end of performance challenges students: "Get to someone and see what makes them beautiful."

The Dragon Film Productions are part of a year-long plan for the school's quarterly assemblies designed to promote character and recognize students' success.


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