Good Luck Cary-Grove Trojans!

Trojan fans won the Facebook challenge this week against Lake Forest Scout fans! Today, Cary-Grove's varsity football team travels to Lake Forest for the IHSA semifinals game.

The Cary-Grove Trojans varsity football team travels to Lake Forest today to face the Scouts in the IHSA semifinals game.

Gates open to the fans and spectators for both sides at 2 p.m., and the football game begins at 4 p.m.

Trojans' Fans Won the Facebook Challenge!

First, let me congratulate the Trojans and their fans for beating Lake Forest Patch in the "Football Fan Challenge" waged on the Crystal Lake-Cary Patch Facebook and Lake Forest Patch Facebook pages.

Patch asked Trojan and Scout fans to "Like" photographs of their football teams on the Facebook pages. The competition went back and forth on Thursday and Friday, with both fan bases surpassing one another. On Thursday night, Lake Forest had gained a substantial lead. But, I put the call out to Trojan fans, and they responded.

As of midnight Friday - when the competition ended - the Trojans' Superfans arose victorious with 610 "Likes" on the above photograph (photo credit: www.cgtrojanfootball.com).

Lake Forest Scouts ended with 507 "Likes."

Lake Forest Adds Bleachers, Expects Record Crowd

With no advance ticket sales offered for Saturday's game, many Trojan fans were concerned they wouldn't get a seat.

However, in a letter on the Cary-Grove High School Athletics Webpage, Athletic Director Jim Altendorf said that he met with the Lake Forest athletic director on Thursday to discuss fan accommodations for the big game.

Lake Forest added three extra set of bleachers to the visitors side for this game, room for over 600 extra people, Altendorf said.  The existing bleachers hold approximately 600 as well - the same (1,200) as the visiting bleachers at Cary-Grove, he said.

The Lake Forest home stands hold 2,500 spectators, similar to Cary-Grove, he said.

"As for space and setup of the stadium, there will be a clear cut home and visiting side," Altendorf said in the letter. " There are gates at each end of the stadium (where the goal posts reside) that will distinguish the home and visiting sides, making both sides close to equal, and yet allowing for football teams to video etc."

Good Luck Trojans!


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