D-26 to Vote on Charter School Application March 19

Superintendent Brian Coleman explains next steps in the charter school proposal process.

The District 26 Board of Education will vote to either grant or deny the Vision Group’s charter school proposal on March 19.

Vision Group, which plans to operate the school under the name Concord Charter Academy at the vacant , made a presentation at the district’s on Feb. 21.

The charter school would operate within , accept all students, with district students being accepted first but would act independently of District 26.  

Cary constituents, Community Engagement Committee members and the board had the opportunity to comment and ask questions of the charter school proposal.

Even though sugesstions were given to Vision Group, the board must vote on the submitted application, which does not allow the group to make changes to their original proposal, Superintendent Brian Coleman explained at the Monday night engagement committee meeting.

Chris Jenner, board secretary, is a proponent for a charter school in Cary.

“I think a charter [school] can work but not just any charter school,” he said.

Jenner said the district should develop a RFP [Request for Proposal] process “to figure out what will work in district 26.”

Coleman said the district is open to a charter school in the district.

Vision Group members have said if the board denies their proposal, the group plans to appeal the decision with the Illinois Charter School Commission.


Accoring to charter school law,

“Both the applicant and the school district in which the charter school plans to locate shall have the right to request a hearing before the Commission." 

 “If more than one entity requests a hearing, then the Commission may hold only one hearing, wherein the applicant and the school district shall have an equal opportunity to present their respective positions.” 

Coleman said if the board votes to deny the proposal and Vision Groups does appeal the decision, he will notify the community. 


Charter School Timeline Proposal


Action Time-Frame Completion  Board holds a public meeting to obtain information in its decision to grant or deny proposal Within 45 Days of receipt of proposal Public hearing held Feb. 21, 2012 Board publishes notice of public meeting in community newspaper and school district Not more than (10) nor less than (5) days before the meeting Noticed published in local newspapers Board posts copies of the notice at the location of proposed charter school, all district schools and district office Not more than (10) nor less than (5) days before the meeting Copies posted to all buildings on Feb. 15, 2012 Board votes at a public meeting to either grant or deny charter school proposal Within (30) days of the public meeting Board will vote on March 19, 2012 Board files a report with the State Board of Education granting or denying propsoal Within (7) days of meeting where Board took action on charter proposal If Board approves the proposal, ISBE reviews proposal to determine if it is consistent with charter law Within (30) days of receipt of Board report If Board denies the proposal, applicant can appeal to the State Charter School Commission Within (30) days of Board's denial vote

The commision can affirm or reverse the board's decision and a party may appeal a decision of commission in court under the Administrative Review Law.


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