D-26 Savings Leads To More Teachers, Lower Class Sizes

The district's "thinking outside box" may lead to lower classes sizes, pending approval.

In efforts to restore low class sizes, is planning to hire five teachers for the coming school year. 

The state has made good on one of their $550,000 categorical payments, which will be used to fund the remaining 2004 alternative revenue source bond payments.

Auditors agreed that the district could fully fund remaining payments making committed revenue available to use to accelerate the reduction of class size. 

With a proposed purchase of copiers, the annual lease would be eliminated and will provide additional funding for more class size reduction.

The state has awarded Xerox of supplying copiers, with their bid being the lowest at $107,000. With state funds being used for bond payments and ending the lease on copiers, beginning fiscal year 2013, the administration has recommended hiring five teachers. 

The Board of Education will have to vote on final approval at the May 29 regular board meeting. 

According to the 2012-13 staffing plan, the average fifth-grade class size at Briargate would decrease from 33.7 to 25.3 students, and second-grade class would decrease from 31.5 to 21. Deer Path elementary third grade class size would drop by almost eight students, from 34.3 to 25.8. Their fourth grade class would see a similar decrease.  


Cary Junior High School sixth-grade class would see the smallest decrease, 32.8 to 29.8 students. 

A sixth position is also being considered, which would be an instructional technology teacher that would coach teachers and help students in the classroom. 

The district would have to hire from the teacher recall list, according to Illinois school code. 

Bob Stock May 15, 2012 at 05:53 PM
Average class sizes during the 50's and 60's was between 35-40 students per teacher (source, US government statistics) and grades and passing were at historically high levels. When scores began to decline we began to eliminate programs (music, arts, intramural sports, field trips, etc.) to promote more in class instruction. When that didn't work, we decreased the number of students in a classroom and added more teachers thinking a better ratio from students to teachers would work. It didn't. And most recently, budget cuts have forced the change to increase classroom populations once again. And what do we do when we start to turn the corner on getting the budget under contol? Rather than re-introduce those "well-rounding" subjects, we retreat to the smaller classes once again. This is cyclic regression and our students are the ones suffering.
McCloud May 16, 2012 at 12:11 AM
Who are the people responsible for the mess in D26? They should be famous, and now they raise property taxes silently by $1000 each of the last two years to feed the waste again. The housing market here is deader than other areas, costs for taxes will continue, and teachers get to retire at age 52 with full boat benefits.
KJK May 16, 2012 at 12:44 PM
McCloud- The people responsible? They're board members that either resigned, didn't seek re-election, or were defeated in the 2009 election. But McCloud, it is apparent from your question and comments that you haven't been following what's happening in our school district. Here are some of the elements: Ten years of spending not in line with income. 2009- New school board majority takes control. Millions of dollars of costs cut- mostly by laying off teachers. 2010- Modest bond referendum approved by the community to get rid of costly short term borrowing required after 10 years of overspending. Two schools closed. 2011- Teachers agree to new contract with huge concessions. Also, your property taxes go to the village, the township, the county, the library, and the park district. Schools aren't the only cause of your $1000 increase.
Lcb May 16, 2012 at 01:50 PM
kjk - strong to very strong. There is so much mis-guided hostility it is stunning. Everyones hands are dirty in this. The previous board and citizens of Cary. Let's go back further. Did we need to build Deerpath, Three oaks and the junior high? Buried in the budget is our debt service on the various referendums. We will be paying for those facilities into the next decade. But we closed two perfectly suitable facilities during this meltdown. The board recommended the construction and the citizens approved. The board approved the teachers contracts and the citizens could see the red ink flow. We didn't just have one year of deficits - several. Nobody acted until the state watch list was hanging over our head. Again everyone's hands are dirty some more than others. This crisis didn.t just hatch it has been 15 years in the making. And the signs of it coming to a head weren't hidden - they were there in plain sight.
KJK May 16, 2012 at 03:21 PM


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