Petition Supports City in CL South Bleachers Dispute

Petition seeks public support of city's stance insisting Community High School District 155 follow the city's zoning process.

Petition asking the Crystal Lake community to back the city in enforcing the zoning ordinances.
Petition asking the Crystal Lake community to back the city in enforcing the zoning ordinances.

One of the residents opposed to the new, 51-foot-tall bleachers at Crystal Lake South High School has started an on-line petition asking for residents to back the city's stance on the issue. 

The petition has been posted on www.Gopetition.com, and asks the community to back the city's position that Community High School District 155 must follow Crystal Lake's zoning application and review process. 

At the Crystal Lake City Council meeting on Tuesday night, Mayor Aaron Shepley said the dispute, which has now landed in the court system, is not "a battle between the city and the school district."

"Nothing could be further from the truth," Shepley said. "This is the city stepping in to protect the citizens of Crystal Lake who deserve to be protected under the city's zoning laws."

Shepley pointed out that Community District 155 failed to notify the neighbors prior to the project, during the planning stages, and prior to the start of construction, which began in June. 

"The city is going to continue to engage this (until we get full due process for the neighbors)," Shepley said.

"What's disconcerting to all of us, and should be to the community, is that for the first time in the past 25 years, and possibly its history, the school district chose to unilaterally sidestep the city (zoning process)." 

The following information was taken from www.GoPetition:

Petition Background (Preamble):

The city of Crystal Lake is taking a stand for us, the taxpayers. The city is saying that district 155 must comply with city zoning ordinances and apply for permits just like every other homeowner and business owner. 

This needs to be done before a structure is built. This is a planning stage step that nobody should ignore. The district is blatantly ignoring this and costing taxpayers $$. Please support our city!


We, the undersigned, (support) the city of Crystal Lake to assert its rights over enforcing D155 to comply with zoning ordinances. 


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Railroaded August 21, 2013 at 01:56 PM
Both Parties Can STOP SPENDING MY TAX DOLLARS! No petition is going to help anything! enough with the Wastefulness already!


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