Consultants: No Merger Recommended for Cary District 26 and Fox River Grove District 3

Representatives from Midwest School Consultants on Wednesday night presented findings regarding a possible merger between Cary and Fox River Grove elementary school districts.

A merger between Cary and Fox River Grove elementary schools would not be beneficial to either district at this time, consultants on Wednesday told school board members from both school districts.

Cary School District 26 and Fox River Grove School District 3 conducted a Special Joint Board of Education Meeting last night, Dec. 12, to hear the results of the Reorganization Feasibility Study presented by Midwest School Consultants, according to a District 26 press release.

This past May, District 26 and District 3 School Boards agreed to contract with Midwest School Consultants to research the possibility of joining the districts.

In recommending against a merger, Midwest Consultants said there is no mutual financial, or curricular advantage for the districts to join together based on the incentives from the state and the curricular advantages to the students served by these districts, the release stated.

Even without a merger, both districts agreed that there may still be some opportunities for the districts to share services and/or resources moving forward.

cynthia December 13, 2012 at 06:10 PM
I bet the number one reason this merger was not finacially attractive is because of the teachers and administrators contracts.. So once again the tax payer loses out and the childrens resources are wasted on salaries of staff. These Unions and the benefits and perks have got to go.


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