Compensation Remains Key Issue for Teachers Considering a Strike

The average salary for District 300 teachers is $61,714 while the average salary for District 158 teachers is $56,532.

It should not come as a huge surprise that when a local teacher's union decides to move forward with a strike, a higher salary is one of the main sticking points. 

In recent weeks, teachers' unions for District 158 and District 300 both approved a strike vote and have since delcared an impasse in contract negotiations. Here are some more details on where those districts and teachers' unions currently stand with the ongoing negotiations: 

  • The Huntley Teacher's Assocation declared an impasse Tuesday. Compensation was the main issue holding the the District 158's teachers' union and the district back from reaching a contract aggreement, according to a Tuesday press release from District 158. As of Wednesday, a tentative contract agreement has been reached between the district and the union. Details surrounding the contract were not being released and the contract would be voted on Monday. 
  • In District 300, compensation as well as learning environment and smaller class sizes are on LEAD 300's wish list for improvements. District 300's final offer to its teachers' union provides a 2.75 percent salary increase from 2012 to 2013, including an average step increase of 2 percent. After District 300's union declared an impasse in recent weeks, both the district and union were required by state law to submit its final offers by this past Monday. Hundreds of teachers attended a school board meeting this past week to sound off on the continued contract negotiations. The earliest date teachers could strike, if they decide to, would be Dec. 3. 

In addition, teachers in Prairie Grove School District 46 took part in a one-day strike in October before reaching, and then ratifying, a contract with the school district.

District 46 teachers were seeking a salary rate increase, without hidden step-pay hikes common in many union contracts. Sticking points also revolved around health insurance, extra-pay duty and retirement benefits.

The teachers eventually agreed to an average increase of 1.76 percent for 2011 to 12 and an average increase of 1.89 percent for the 2012 to 13, according to a information released Wednesday by the Prairie Grove Teachers Association. 

On average, teachers across the state as well as teachers in 90 districts in the north, northwest and west suburbs received a 2 percent salary raise over the past year according to a Daily Herald study published Wednesday of data from the state's school report card. 

The Daily Herald study also found there is a huge gap in suburban teacher's salaries

On the high end, teachers in Maine Township School District 207 in Park Ridge make on average $116,044 each year. On the low end, teachers in Emmons Elementary District 33 in far Northwest suburban Antioch pull in an average salary of $47,624. 

The state average for teachers' salaries is $66,614 while the average administrator salary is $110,870, according to the Illinois Board of Education's annual school report card. 

Here is a look at the average salary for local teachers: 

  • The average salary for District 300 teachers is $61,714 while the average administrator salary in District 300 is $103,296. Teachers in District 300 have on average 11.7 years of teaching experience. Of those teachers, 27.5 percent have their Bachelor's degree while 72.5 percent have a Master's, or higher, degree. 
  • As for District 158, the average salary for teachers is $56,532 while the average administrator salary is $93,962, according to the state's school report cards. The district has 522 total teachers with an average of 10 years experience. Of those teachers, 41.8 percent have their Bachelor's degree while 58.2 percent have a Master's, or higher, degree. 
cynthia November 16, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Home schooled children are 25 points higher on SAT scores than the public schools. Take a good look at your tax bill..Thes teachers and all that huge administration staff are just not worht it. Lets pull the unions and all the benefits and make these teachers "Work" for thie money. If they have good results I am all for paying them a very good salary based upon performance. But they need to perform like the rest of us and get paid for the time they work and for what they produce. Its as simple as that.
cynthia November 16, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Most schools now require parents to pay a small fortune for sports all the while the administration staff like the Superintendents make a fortune and have had substancial raises over the last several years. And how about the real waste in Illinois? The Regional Superintnedents positions??? Chicago did away with the position years ago but we in the suberbs still have them..A total waste of tax payer money. And on and on it goes.
cynthia November 16, 2012 at 03:17 PM
On the illegal issues..its all true and we must do something to save our country. Go to Numbers.com or the conservative Illinois superpac who are working on getting Dick Durbin voted out of office. We must vote down the Dream act and we cannot allow any amnesty. I am the proud daughter of two immigrants to this country who came here legally..I will not allow my parent memory of working hard to become an American Citizen to be forgotten. Its those immigrants who come here legally who really want to be citizens. I will stand firm on that.
just_a_parent November 19, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Wow... just... wow. I'll start with Cynthia's comments about teachers an "ultra liberal agenda". I have a daughter in Jacobs HS where the biology teacher will not mention evolution by name and the history teacher uses battles described in the old testament as instruction material. Does that sound "ultra liberal" to you? The only reason I haven't gone into the school and had a meltdown about their lack of respect to the separation of church and state is because I don't want my child to be ostracized by my personal convictions. D300 has been run by a team of clowns for years now. They spend money on smart boards (interactive computer projectors) while taking money from the arts and sports programs. I empathize with teachers, I really do. They have an important and difficult job. Do you know who else has a tough job? Police, fireman, doctors, garbage collectors, landscapers, mechanics, tool and die makers, bakers... the list is endless. We have board members making six figure salaries that have done nothing but drive this district into the ground. We need less talk about right versus left wing agendas, summers off and illegal immigrants. We need more talk about replacing these clowns who can't seem to manage their way out of a wet paper bag, much less a fiscal nightmare.
Barb Dee November 20, 2012 at 04:57 PM
District 300 board members with terms expiring April 2013 : Ann Miller, Dave Alessio, and Karen Roechner. It will be interesting to see how you vote on the topic. It will affect how I vote for your re-election.


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