Bears Mascot 'Staley Da Bear' Visits Trinity Oaks

Nearly 200 Students packed the Trinity Oaks Christian Academy gym.

students scored a touchdown.

"Staley Da Bear," the Chicago Bears official mascot presented First and Goal, which is an informative and hands-on health program for students.

Students were energetic from the beginning to end in their willingness to learn and answer questions about living a healthy lifestyle.

The healthy lifestyle message is straightforward and separated into four downs.

First Down: Eat Healthy

Second Down: Drink Plenty of Water

Third Down: Get Plenty of Rest

Fourth Down: Keep Physically Active

Emcee Kat Baker of the Chicago Bears organization, conducted a trivia game with the students, asking questions geared toward exercising, eating, drinking water and getting the proper number of hours of sleep.  

Staley Da Bear said he loves to bust a move. "It's cool to see new faces and have the opportunity to represent the team," Staley Da Bear said.

Susie Noe, director of admissions for Trinity Oaks said the school is a strong advocate for a good healthy lifestyle.

Noe said exercising and eating well, will lead to students performing academically well.

This is the seventh year of the First and Goal program and was originally started by Staley Da Bear.


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