Twenty Second Judicial Circuit Provides Online Juror Affidavit and Questionnaire

Jury+Web Solution now “live.”


The 22nd Judicial Circuit of McHenry County has launched an online juror affidavit/questionnaire that will help perspective jurors to update their information and answer questions to determine their eligibility to serve as a juror.

The court, the Jury Commission Office and the Office of the Trial Court Administrator began exploring possibilities of developing an online juror affidavit/questionnaire 18 months ago. It was determined that Justice Systems Inc., which is the current provider of the information management system Jury+Next Generation, was in the process of developing such a system.

In December of 2011, Justice Systems Inc. was contracted to develop an integrated online system that would allow prospective jurors to securely log into the system via the Internet, update their information and answer questions concerning their eligibility to serve as a juror.

After a thorough development and testing phase, the new online system Jury+Web Solution went “live” on Sept. 27.

The total cost of the project was $13,350 with an ongoing support and maintenance contract.

Prospective jurors will still receive the affidavit/questionnaire via the U.S. Postal Service.  At that point, the prospective juror has two options: the prospective juror can either log into the system via the Jury Commission’s portal or the juror can complete the affidavit/questionnaire in written form and return it to the Jury Commission Office.

A prospective juror, once logged into the system, can review and correct their name and address information, and is linked to the affidavit/questionnaire. The affidavit/questionnaire is an electronic "form" specifically tailored to capture the information necessary to qualify the prospective juror.

Prospective jurors may use JURY+ Web Solution to:

  • Provide or update their personal information
  • Answer questions relating to their qualifications as a prospective juror

The Court is looking to JURY+ Web Solution to:

  •  Reduce the cost of postage, handling, sorting, filing of affidavit/questionnaires and other documents
  •  Provide better service to citizens of McHenry County and the Court
  • Reduce or eliminate lost and damaged documents
  • Achieve better efficiency in the juror affidavit process

Additional information about the McHenry County Jury Commission's website  by clicking on the Jury Commission link on the left side of the web page.


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