Pam Fender to Run for Grafton Township Supervisor

Three candidates have declared their intention to run for the position so far

Pam Fender, a Huntley Village trustee for the past 7 years, announced her plans Tuesday to run for Grafton Township Supervisor.

She is the third candidate to announce the intention to seek the seat in the February 2013 primary. Incumbent Linda Moore, and township resident Marty Waitzman, have said they also will run.

Fender picked up her packet for the position on Tuesday.

“I want to run for Supervisor, because the job is an important one, treating people with respect, helping them up and out of a terrible economy,” Fender said. “A Township's main jobs are to take care of seniors, people who are poor, those who need a helping hand. I am qualified to do that job, feeling like I have trained for this position all my life.”

Fender said her background makes her the ideal candidate for township supervisor.

“Every step of my political and personal life has played an important role in supporting the future growth and development of our community,” Fender said. “My many leadership opportunities have led me on the path to run for Grafton Township Supervisor.”

Fender said she is running on a platform of peace within the township and on the board.

 “As the Grafton Township Supervisor, I will peaceably engage other government entities to work together in positive ways to address township issues for a higher level of living for our residents,” Fender said.

“My goal is to improve existing programs and provide new important community services,” she said.

For example, she said there should be only one Grafton Food Pantry, instead of the two disparate food pantries in the community.

“Together, we the collective Grafton community, should do everything we can to help out those who really need a helping hand,” she said.

Fender added that the township has great programs, and they need to continue, but that it also needs more.

For example, she said, the Grafton Bus service not only needs to continue, it needs to become more user-friendly, with more times and routes to fit the needs of residents.

She added that Senior Bingo is a great day out, but said with greater cooperation it can be a better quality event.

 “I have worked hard for the betterment of Huntley for many years. I am now ready for the next chapter - to improve the reputation and quality of life for all Grafton Township residents,” she said.

“I have the experience required to provide the township with growth and act as a change agent for the township citizens. I will plan for the community’s future and find solutions to present-day problems.”

Anitra Willis August 29, 2012 at 08:20 PM
This is awesome news! Pam is so involved in the community. She is a very qualified candidate for this position. Best of Luck Pam!! You definitely have my vote! :)
Dan Octon August 30, 2012 at 12:50 AM
“A Township's main jobs are to take care of seniors, people who are poor, those who need a helping hand.” Seriously? Should this really be a county township's main focus? This township needs to get its own house in order before it tries to rescue a suffering humanity.
Rob August 30, 2012 at 12:53 PM
Township government is almost always an overlap of city, county and state...if the states did away with townships and the expense's it would save millions of tax dollars. Those territories should be an extension of the cities and counties. If you shrink government, it save money, when you save money and cut spending, you DON'T have to raise revenue (taxes). I'm sure Pam is an awesome person and great for her area....run for Mayor in one of the surrounding towns or for office in McHenry County.


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