CL Library Hosts LEGO Education Showcase

Students can honor Christopher Columbus by building LEGO ships on Monday, Oct. 8, at the Crystal Lake Public Library.


Students and the community are invited to sail into the world of LEGOS as the Crystal Lake Public Library hosts a LEGO ship building event.

The first-ever LEGO Education Showcase will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Oct. 8, at the Crystal Lake Public Library, 126 W. Paddock St., Crystal Lake.

The Showcase is a customizable building activity that aims to spark creativity in participants by allowing them to use their imaginations to create LEGO models around a theme.

The theme for this event is "Sailing to a New World."

Participants are invited to construct an extraordinary ship. Maybe your ship has eyes to see; maybe your ship flies; maybe your ship sails under the water. Let your imagination soar!

The library will have a map of the world on the wall to trace the routes your boats might take. We will take pictures of the boats to post in the Youth Department, for all to see.

“By hosting a LEGO Education Showcase Event we are offering students a special activity on their day off of school, and teaching about Christopher Columbus too. They’ll have the opportunity to work together to explore and build ships that can take them anywhere,” said Librarian and Grant Writer Sue Riegler.

“We will also be celebrating the addition of more than 20,000 new LEGOS donated to the Crystal Lake Public Library as a result of the grant," Riegler said. "These LEGOs will make an excellent addition to the existing collection used at the library's popular drop-in LEGO programs, which happen every other Monday afternoon.”

The LEGO Education Showcase Grant was made available through Education Blueprints Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing learning resources and programs that deliver education solutions to individuals, teachers, and students.

Only 100 LEGO Education Showcase Grants were available nation-wide.


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