Cary Village Board Approves Title 2, Talks CVS Pharmacy

Village of Cary regular board meeting for Sept. 6, 2011.

The held its' regular board meeting Tuesday night, approving ordinances, contracts, recognizing employees and listening to community concerns.

Open Forum

During the public open forum, community members raised issues taking place in the , including loud music, loitering, parking issues and harassment from patrons walking home from the 7/11.

Mayor Tom Kierna and Chief Steve Casstevens is making plans to meet with community members having issues in that area near Oak Knoll Apartments.

"We have considerably up our coverage, increased are presence and we are aware of it," said Casstevens.

Chief Casstevens suggested anytime there is an issue, make a call to the police department, so there can be documentation on all incidents.

Board Approves Title 2

The Cary Village Board approved the Title 2 (administration and personnel) of the Cary municipal code.

Cary Trustee Karen Lukasik wanted to clarify that the Title 2 amendment would allow the board to determine the village administrator powers and duties, in which, according to village attorney Michael Coppedge, yes it would allow to the board to make those decisions.

Employee Recognition

In other village news, Cary Police Sgt. Ed Synek, Cary Police Officer Jon Fast, former officer Chris Danner and Cary Detective Scott Naydenoff were awarded with the Meritorious Duty Award.

Cary Detective Sue Ellis received the Distinguished Service Award and Cary Officer Geoff Witherow was presented with the Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorist Award.

Cary Public Works staff person Cory Hauck also receives recognition for his five years if work in the Village. 


CVS Pharmacy, Communication Concerns

After all regular business was handled; Trustee Lukasik raised concerns about and the lack of information she and newer members of the board had failed to receive.

Mayor Tom Kierna said the CVS deal was a unique one, giving the board and the public a rundown of what took place.

Cary Trustee Bruce Kaplan said this is the first time the CVS had been discussed since he was elected to board in May.

Kierna added that the board hasn’t been the beneficiary of a village administrator, in which they would provide comprehensive weekly reports about village and office activities.

billy bouy September 07, 2011 at 01:49 PM
The Village should be working with Apartment Management to determine just how many people are living in the apartments. Its very dangerous to drive on Sunset, both sides of the street allow parking, the street narrows and kids are playing and running between cars everywhere. Best advice? Avoid the apartments all together for safety reasons. Go around, detour because there are cultural differences that the parents dont understand and the kids are too young to know you have to look both ways every time you cross a street or pull your bike out between cars. I have nothing against Latinos, I speak the language---but there are far too many folks living, staying, passing through over there than the building and parking were built to accommodate. At night, on 1st street or 2nd street, dont even think about walking home from the 7-11 or the bar. A partrol car should be roving the entire area at night unless called to an actual call somewhere else.
Zed September 08, 2011 at 01:28 AM
Hey Billy bouy: Regarding the CVS, apparently, by what I just read in the article, members of the board failed to receive a lack of information. The Mayor's right. That is unique.
billy bouy September 08, 2011 at 05:22 AM
Did anyone else get an automatic police call tonight about looking for "Juan Verdez" last seen running from 101 Sunset Drive? (oak knoll apts) wearing shorts and a green t-shirt, And to please check your back yards and vehicles? Thanks for the call, but how about opening up a satellite police station over there so we dont have to look for the criminals ourselves. Have the Grass Police lady from the Village do some health and safety checks over there---its way past the capacity level for comfortable and safe human beings to be living in. This town is too PC to do real enforcement of what matters. Stay away from that area unless you have a pit bull during your walks. Never see the real Police over there much. Why not catch speeders there instead of Kitchen Wholesalers---probably because they know it isnt safe either. Fix it or watch property values continue downward for not economic reasons, but health/welfare/safety reasons in this Town. Folks who live near or around that area know the real deal. Avoid, go around, stay away.
billy bouy September 08, 2011 at 05:25 AM
I like CVS, whats the problem? Who wrote this story? Quincy Hodges? What gives Quincy, inquiring minds want to know.
Lisa September 08, 2011 at 06:47 AM
Actually to go with Billy Bouy's first comment.... yes we got a phone call this evening at 10:30 ish about the little boy, and were concerned as well. I think one of the first things the Village should do is, put in more street lights, I live in the area of First street near 7/11 and there is not enought lighting to be hand, you look outside and it is very dim, we need more lighting in general in the Villiage of Cary. But I do have to say i have seen a increase in Police activity in this year in the last few years, I don't know if that is good or bad, because of you call the non emergency number for the police you don't really get a response. When you call them regarding issues in the neighborhood. They might possibly could just be around more just for the free coffee they get at 7/11 and that is it, because there are police cars parked there quiet a bit.


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