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Cary to Hold Meeting to Discuss Pet Safety

Representatives from McHenry County Animal Control and the Cary Police Department will discuss pet safety with interested residents.


The will be hosting a community meeting to discuss pet safety and regulatory guidelines for owning pets within Cary.

The meeting is scheduled for  7 p.m. Tuesday, July 24,  at the Cary Village Hall board room, 655 Village Hall Drive, according to a press release issued by the village administrator's office.

At the June 19,  Village Board meeting, there were requests for the village to host this discussion in an effort to better educate the public on pet safety, specifically with the goal of discussing ways to prevent dog bites.

Village officials have worked with representatives from McHenry County Animal Control to develop a panel of speakers who will be available to lead a discussion with interested residents.

The panel will include Dr. Lisa Lembke from McHenry County Animal Control and Chief Steve Casstevens from the Cary Police Department.

Residents are encouraged to contact Chris Clark, village administrator at 847-639-0003 with any questions.

Tim July 16, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Ahhh how about common sense? maybe one should pass a test before they get a pet or better yet before they have children. Too many morons out there that have children and pets and either neglect them or incapable of raising them. Don't like to pick up your dog poop from the park you walk it in then don't have a dog. Don't like to watch your kids so you drop them off at the pool for the life guards to watch then don't have kids. Just some examples of questions one should answer beforehand
Cheri July 16, 2012 at 03:45 PM
and how about, if you don't plan to include your dog in your away from home activity, do not take them with you and leave them in your hot car!


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