Cary Park District Considers Buying Chalet Hills Golf Club

Cary Park Board had been discussing the possible purchase during closed, executive session meetings.


Would the Cary community benefit from a second park-district owned golf course? That's what the Cary Park Board of Commissioners is considering.

The board recently has met in closed-door sessions to discuss the possibility of purchasing 943 Rawson Bridge Rd., Cary, according to Katie Hughes, director of communications and marketing.

The park board routinely considers any available businesses or acreage within the park district boundaries that might provide recreational amenities to residents, Hughes.

"The Board of Commissioners often evaluates properties located within its existing boundaries which are currently used to provide recreation opportunities to residents, or which may be used for this purpose when they become available for sale," Hughes said in a press release.

A bank has acquired Chalet Hills through the foreclosure process. The 18-hole course is characterized by rolling hills and tree-lined fairways and is located on Rawson Bridge Road.

The Cary Park District on par with running a golf course. 

In 2004, the park district purchased Foxford Hills Golf Club, 6800 S. Rawson Bridge Rd, Cary. Foxford Hills is not supported by property taxes, and its acquisition has not increased taxes for Cary property owners, Hughes said.

"Under park district ownership, Foxford Hills Golf Club has been operated as an independent self-supporting business," Hughes said in the release.

Since the Park District purchased Foxford Hills Golf Club, an operating income of $1.8 million has been realized, she said.

"To date the performance of Foxford Hills Golf Club has offset over $160,000 in other expenses for the park district that otherwise would have been paid for out of tax-supported general operating funds," Hughes stated.

Foxford Hills Golf Club has also provided $187,000 which was placed in the district's capital projects. Money from the fund was used to construct the 1.8 mile Cary Community Trail next to Cary-Grove Park and the Dog Park at Hoffman Park, Hughes said.


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