Buffalo Grove Takes Early Look at Medical Marijuana Distribution

Village officials outlined this week the first steps that will be taken locally if Illinois lawmakers allow medical marijuana to be grown and distributed.


If Illinois legislators decide to allow medical marijuana, Buffalo Grove wants to be prepared to address a possible impact on the village.

A proposed state law, known as the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, would allow nonprofit medical cannabis organizations to grow, harvest and distribute cannabis.

The proposal would allow medical marijuana to be distributed from one center in each Illinois Senate District. Buffalo Grove falls within both the 29th and 30th Senate Districts, which means the village could potentially host two distribution centers if the proposal passes.

Because this is uncharted territory for Buffalo Grove and other communities in the state, village officials said they want to be prepared.

Trustees adopted a resolution this week that states if the proposed law is passed, the Village Board will direct the Plan Commission “to evaluate zoning regulations pertaining to Distribution Facilities, including a public hearing to consider amendments to the Village Zoning Ordinance, and make a recommendation to the Village Board concerning the zoning classification and related standards and requirements regarding Distribution Facilities.”

The resolution does not take a stand as to whether Buffalo Grove would be in favor or opposed to such a facility. Residents who want to express their opinions on the matter should contact state legislators, Trustee Jeff Berman said.

The proposal, which has been under review for two years, was sent this week back to the House of Representatives’ Rules Committee.


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