Alan Zielinski Announces Candidacy for Grafton Township Assessor

Lakewood man says it's time for a change


More candidates are stepping into the ring to run Grafton Township.

On Friday, Alan Zielinski announced his candidacy for Grafton Township Assessor in the April 2013 race.

Presently Bill Ottley serves as the assessor.

Zielinski, a Lakewood resident and a certified Illinois assessment officer, said it is time for change.

He said if he is elected, he believes he will give property owners more accurate and fair assessments.

“I’ve seen too many taxpayers treated unfairly by a broken system and decided it was time to go beyond helping them as an appraiser,” he said.

Zielinski added that things have got to change not only in Grafton Township, but in the state as well.

“Serving for several years as an agent for property owners has proven the property tax assessment and appeal process is broken,” he said. “Grafton Township residents deserve an assessor with my appraisal background and experience who will fix it by generating fair assessments thereby reducing appeals.

“My vision includes working with our legislators to enhance the current tax code by including a Taxpayer Bill of Rights.”

Jackie Chan April 04, 2013 at 10:05 PM
This snake in the grass tried to bribe his opponent to drop out of the race against him. He dropped the assessment on his girlfriends house, while everyone else has to pay his share. Don't let this man near your children!
Sal Rosenberg April 07, 2013 at 08:06 PM
This guy is a creep. Stranger Danger!


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