Letter to the Editor: Crystal Lake Police Chief David Linder

A letter to Crystal Lake-Cary Patch regarding Crystal Lake Police Chief David Linder, who is retiring Dec. 31.


Letter to the Editor:

A Hero in our Midst

"I'm writing of a public servant who has been dedicated to Crystal Lake for 32 years -- Police Chief David Linder. What follows are examples of his commitment to our community. 

In September 2010, a dangerous crosswalk existed at Hannah Beardsley Middle School. Chief Linder was an active participant in a solution. Once aware of the situation and residents’ concerns, he quickly but thoroughly analyzed alternatives and subsequently enacted appropriate precautions. Pedestrians soon benefited from a crossing guard and a safety campaign aimed at raising awareness of the crossing and a new state law requiring that motorists stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk.   

Leveraging the relationship built from this effort, Chief Linder partnered with community members to realize further positive change in the community. 

After hearing of incidents in local high schools, I approached Dave about bringing a program called Rachel’s Challenge to Crystal Lake.  He quickly scheduled a meeting for school social workers and his Student Resource Officers to meet with him and our group of concerned citizens to study RC, already successfully implemented at Cary Grove HS. 

Supporters backed RC because of the alarming number of violent incidents in schools across the country. This kickoff led to RC’s positive influence reaching 3000 students in our middle schools this past October.

Through these brief synopses, Chief Linder has admirably demonstrated collaborative effort between police and community, increasing safety, promoting positive change, and extending himself beyond his job description to help the citizens of this community take part in the greater good for our children.

Sometimes and for various reasons, high standing officials are reluctant to do the right thing for the community, to go that extra mile…but not Chief Linder.  He is truly a hidden hero to all of our children."


Andrea Tuszynski

R. Smith December 28, 2012 at 03:01 PM
A Hero ? really ? for doing his job. If you can only think of 4 paragraphs to explain his heroism over a 32 year commitment to the city then maybe you should think of a better term. Did he run into a burning building and save a family ? Put his life in danger to save another ? That's a Hero. Not someone who helps install a crosswalk.
Dominick December 28, 2012 at 04:34 PM
to be honest, i feel IF a Police Officer or Firefighter is "..Doing His Job." he is a hero. maybe this article does not do a great job of demonstrating an act of heroism. Do not be confused, anyone who goes to work wearing a badge or a gun & actually puts the people they are protecting is a hero. any active or inactive military there "job" is to be a hero. so lets be happy this guy might not be a jerk & only out for himself & he is listening to members of the community. in my opinion all of the above are HEROS until proven otherwise.
Stephanie Price December 29, 2012 at 12:55 AM
Congrats on your retirement, Chief!


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