Crystal Lake Police Warn About Fraudulent Callers

Crystal Police warn residents about scam callers targeting local business owners.

The Crystal Lake Police Department has issued a warning about fraudulent callers targeting local businesses.

Police have received new reports of fraud or attempted fraud targeting the business community. For example, a person calls the business and says they are a ComEd representative. The caller then advises the business of delinquent electric bill payments, and says the bill is not paid immediately, the power to the business will be shut off, police said.

In order to pay the account balance, the caller advises they will accept payment over the phone by credit card or personal check. The caller provides a telephone number and requests a call back with the payment so the business can balance the account.

To date, all of the incidents in Crystal Lake have targeted businesses, police said.

The correct contact numbers for ComEd are: 

Residential Customers 1-800-588-9477 
Business Customers 1-877-426-6331 

Or you can contact them via ComEd’s webpage at: 


Crystal Lake Police remind the public that if someone calls and asks for personal information from you or asks you to pay anything you do not believe you owe, DO NOT PROVIDE the subject with any personal or credit information.

If you believe it is an attempt to de-fraud you contact your local law enforcement agency and make a report. The Crystal Lake Police Department’s non-emergency telephone number is 1 (815)356-3620.


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