Crystal Lake Man Receives 'Illinois Saved by the Belt' Award

Jonathan Wolworth, of Crystal Lake, received the award following a serious car crash at Dole Avenue and Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

Crystal Lake Police Chief James Black, left, and Jonathan Wolworth, right, of Crystal Lake.
Crystal Lake Police Chief James Black, left, and Jonathan Wolworth, right, of Crystal Lake.
Crystal Lake Police on Monday presented a local man with the Illinois Saved by the Belt award. 

Police gave Jonathan Wolworth a certificate of membership in the Saved by the Safety Belt Club, formally recognizing his decision to wear a properly adjusted seat belt prior to being involved in a traffic crash earlier this year, Cmndr. Dan Dziewior said in a news release. 

Wolworth’s vehicle was struck March 21, 2013, by an eastbound vehicle at the intersection of Route 14 and Dole Avenue, as he attempted to turn left. 

The impact of the collision resulted in extensive damage to both vehicles, but more significantly to Wolworth’s, Dziewior said. 

"Had it not been for Wolworth’s decision to fasten his seatbelt properly, the likelihood of serious injury or possibly death would have been far more probable," Dziewior said. 

"While transported to an area hospital for evaluation, he was soon released with little more than aches and pains."

The Saved by the Belt Award is made possible from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, The Illinois Department of Transportation-Division of Traffic Safety and the Illinois Traffic Safety Challenge, Dziewior said. 

"Crystal Lake Police encourage all drivers and passengers to buckle their seat belts, every trip, every time," Dziewior said. 

tscottpaschal December 10, 2013 at 09:30 AM
really ! an award for wearing a seat belt ? I paid my insurance bill , registration , tag , city sticker and did not get into an accident and no award .........really


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