Cary Explains Missing Child Alert Program

Village of Cary provides details on recent automated phone call.

Recently the responded to a call of a missing child.

In calls of this nature, timing is critical in case foul play is a possibility. One of the resources available to officers is an "automated notification system."

The system allows a message to be recorded and then sent via a phone call to all phones in a designated area.

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children has an automated notification system for law enforcement use which is at no cost to the Police Department.

The system, called A Child Is Missing (ACIM), was utilized in this instance. The message was recorded and activated, giving the call back number of SEECOM, our regionalized dispatch agency in Crystal Lake (not to the Cary Police).

Shortly after the message was sent, the child was located, safe and unharmed.

A follow-up message to cancel the first notification is not available from ACIM due to the cost involved.

In the near future, an upgraded system will be available through SEECOM which will also allow residents to opt in with their mobile phones for notifications.

This system will allow us to provide a cancellation message.

Information provided by via their weekly email


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