Uh Oh! Are You Prepared for Valentine's Day?

There's still time to salvage the day, and your relationship.

A week ago you were driving home and the voice on your radio was telling you about sending flowers, a bear or even pajamas to your loved one for Valentine's Day. "No," you thought. "I'll just grab a few of those things on my own."

A few days ago you were driving by a strip of stores and the thought popped back into your mind that you still needed to pick something up for Valentine's Day. But you needed to get somewhere and you didn't.

Now the day has arrived and you're scrambling.

Don't fear. I've been there. I am there.

First, don't try and make the day into a romantic, fairy tale day she'll never forget. That ship has sailed. It's gone. The sooner you get over the fact that you can't turn this day into the ending of Sleepless in Seattle the sooner you can start focusing on what you can actually accomplish.

It'll be busy but, remember, we put ourselves in this situation so let's bite the bullet and move forward.

You can still buy:


And you can still:

  • Make dinner
    Try and have something ready by the time your partner gets home. Or be making it so it's obvious there's a plan. Oh, and have a plan!
  • Go out
    Check out Jameson's, , , the or any of the great restaurants in .
  • Put the kids to bed
    If you have young kids you know this can be an enormous task. Read a book or two about race cars and princesses so your wife or husband can relax.
  • Pick up some desert
    The final touch! This is going the extra mile. After the kids are asleep and the dinner is put away, have something ready to share.

You can do this. Don't let your day get away from you. Focus! Your Valentine's Day can still be special.

My wife is probably reading this so I'll see you in line at the store!


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