Terry Trobiani's Statement To the D-26 Board

Charter group member highlights opportunity, choice, options, alternatives and competition in statement.

Vision Group board member Terry Trobiani made the following statement to the Cary School District 26 Board of Education at the Monday night regular board meeting.

Before I became involved with this charter I had heard how disgruntled the Cary community had become regarding their school district and the level of education their children are receiving.

I had always believed a school board was there to protect the interests of
the taxpayers, the parents, the students and education itself.

After my involvement with this Board I am no longer under that impression. Federal, state and union regulations and laws have bound the hands of our school boards.

These restrictions will get more plentiful and more strangling on this district in the near future and will prevent them from creating a better environment for our students. 

This is a competent board, very knowledgeable and intelligent. Unfortunately they are kidding themselves if they think they are in control of our destiny
of our students. Unfortunately their best efforts and widest dreams cannot solve these districts problems.

I could see how personal egos; personal agendas and lack of accountability and responsibility have caused recent decisions to be made.

This board needs to realize that the only way this district is going to successfully increase the level of education, increase the moral of teachers, bring back classes that have been lost and help increase the home values of its residents is to embrace alternatives.

Alternatives, which have been proven within districts as close as 20 miles away.

A Charter School: gives the community - the students - an option for an alternative education.

If you don’t want to attend, don't but don’t deny your neighbor the option it provides the parents and the students the given right to make a better choice when those in charge of making their choices and decisions have failed them a charter does nothing more than force the current board to tighten their belts - make better decisions and be accountable and
responsible for their actions.


Make no mistake about it -- We are competition!!

Competition forces you to:

tighten your belts in spending
create better products - our students
create alternatives to stay on top
reorganize to optimize potential
make decisions for the good of the community and the students because ultimately that is why you are here !!

Vision Group board member Terry Trobiani made the following statement to the Cary School District 26 Board of Education at the Monday night regular board meeting.

Natalie January 24, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Wow! I agree about competition for the district being a great thing!!!
KJK January 24, 2012 at 11:21 PM
Mr. Trobiani, with due respect to you and the value of charter schools, this is one community member that does not believe a charter school is right for Cary. When directed properly, anger is most applicable to decisions made over the past 10 years that have left us where we are today. While your option would create an alternative, it would also create an exclusive public education in Cary that only a relative few would benefit from, and it would drain funding from the remaining public schools. The only feasible charter option I could consider for a small community like Cary is chartering the entire district.
Natalie January 25, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Mr. KJK based on your reply it sees fair to ssume you are a mmber of the board of directors. You are arrogant and completely under estimating our community! I have over 50 friends that are FOR this proposed charter school. Think about how many frends 50 woman have. You assume that if our children are thriving at a local charter school nearby that we are going to care what YOU are dealing with?? Please!!
KJK January 26, 2012 at 08:59 PM
No Natalie, I am not a member of the school board. I have learned a lot about the situation in our schools, as well as the benefits/risks of charter schools. I have considered it, believe me. I don't think I am being arrogant saying one single charter school isn't right for our community. I might be right for me personally if my kids were lucky enough to to in it, but not for the community as a whole. I am concerned with equality. If there was a charter school in Cary I would want my kids in it. I am afraid that is how most people feel right now based on the situation in our district. There will be too few spots for too many people. I promise that if it came to pass, more than a few of your 50 friend's children wouldn't get in because there would be a lottery and most wouldn't get picked (maybe even you). The other problem is that if district money is used to operate a charter school, it is taken away from the four schools in the district. Our already fragile schools would be stressed even more. I know there are many benefits to charter schools. I think you are mistaking my opposition to this as being "for" what we have (I am not) and "against" charter schools (I am not).
Scott E. January 27, 2012 at 01:10 AM
I agree. While a charter might be beneficial to the kids who are accepted, it would unfairly effect the remaining kids in D26 due to the lack of funding since the property tax dollars (or at least a large portion) would follow the kids accepted into the charter. This would continue to bring down property values and have an adverse effect on the district as a whole. Now if enough people are unhappy with the way the district is currently being run then I suggest showing up to committee meetings, full board meetings or even apply to serve on the community engagement panel. This community allowed previous boards to spend freely and now we are paying the price. I keep hearing how there are waiting lists at area private schools and so many people would apparently jump at the chance to join this charter school without knowing anything about them. So the question I ask is, "would you be willing to pay more in property taxes if it meant lower classroom sizes, the bringing back of specials and better technology?


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