Sage Defies Odds, Keeps Her Family Together

Wright-Way Animal Rescue saved this abandoned dog and her puppies.


Wright-Way Animal Rescue in Niles rescues abandoned dogs or those from kill shelters in southern Illinois, gives them medical attention and then brings them up to Niles to their adoption center.

One dramatic example of their outstanding work is the rescue of Sage, a young Yellow Lab and spaniel mix who was found abandoned with her puppies. She was injured from having bricks thrown at her, and she had a mangled left front leg from a car accident.

The leg was safely amputated by a vet working with Wright-Way Rescue, and she is looking for a permanent adoptive home.

Look at their web site for more information, and read about Sage and more dogs who need homes. Here, from the Wright-Way Rescue website, is Sage's story:

Hi, I'm Sage. I am currently spending time in a wonderful foster home with my puppies being cared for and pampered. I've never seen anything like it. I know the past is the past, but I am floored at how my situation has changed.

I was found by an independent rescuer in an abandoned home in Southern Illinois with my four puppies, Simi, Simone, Simon and Simba. The house wasn't much to look at, but it did keep my kids and I safe and mostly warm. I tried very hard to avoid the independent rescuer as my interactions with humans had not provided me with a very high opinion.

She was persistent though to the end, and now I realize her presence was miraculous. You must understand, I had been hit by a car and had bricks thrown at me. She finally won me over enough to let her gather the kids and myself and take us to Wright-Way Rescue.

The staff at Wright-Way have been amazing too! They set my kids and I up with a private foster home. The Foster Mother takes such great care of each of us. I have never had to worry for my puppies or myself since she brought us home. Due to the car and bricks, I had been experiencing some trouble with my front left leg. I did not want to make a big deal about it because I was more concerned that my puppies were safe.

The Foster Mother had me checked out by a doctor. A veterinarian. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Long and short of the story, I did end up having to have my left front leg amputated. No worries though, I am doing just fine and it doesn't slow me down too much.

My puppies? They are growing like wild fire, looking more beautiful and healthy everyday. I have heard talk about a forever home. I, honestly do not know what they are talking about, but it sounds lovely. Here I was excited to get a trip to a doctor for dogs. A home where you are allowed to stay forever, to feel safe and cared for is a little more than I dare to imagine. I do not believe I have much more to talk about and Foster Mother did just put out some snacks...that pillow looks awfully inviting. 

To apply to adopt a Wright-Way Rescue animal, fill out the online application. There are two ways to adopt a pet. 1) You and your family may come to the Wright-Way Rescue Adoption Center, 7136 W. Touhy Ave., in Niles, during open hours of noon to 5 p.m.; 2) Unique to many shelters and rescues, Wright-Way Rescue will hold the pet of your choice so that when you arrive to our adoption center, that pet is waiting to meet you!

In order to set up a reservation we require you to go through our approval process first. Only make a reservation if you are seriously considering adding this pet to your home.

For more information, call (773) 353-9931.


- Barbara Cooke compiled this information.

Steve Handwerker March 31, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Three cheers for Wright-Way Rescue Adoption Center! You're doggone great!!


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