Otis and Cinderella Get a Makeover

The Patch Arm Me grabs brushes and paint at Color Me Mine.

After receiving a number of recommendations to paint ceramics, the headed out to do just that. We made our way to where owners Donna and Terri greeted us.

Knowing this would be a lot of fun for a child, I brought my four-year-old daughter, Kerrigan, along for the event.

And decisions had to be made!

First, the table to work at. The table, you ask? You scoff? You shrug? Yes. Anyone who has a four-year-old girl understands. Choosing the table is as important as picking the dress to wear for Easter Sunday.

Next, the ceramics. Want a princess? They have it. A plate? Any shape you want. A Richard Nixon bust? Possibly.

Kerrigan went with a Cinderella for herself and a couple of plates for her sister and Mom. I picked out a nice little gnome I named Otis, after my favorite Chicago Bears linebacker.

And then came the paints. Pinks, blues, greens, sparkles. It was crazy. Want yellow? Sorry, it's Sunnyside.

Next came the brushes, sorted out in every size imaginable. And we needed them. Kerrigan burned through brushes like Bob Ross after a pot of coffee.

Thanks to our gracious host, Liz, and her help dotting the eyes (literally, the eyes) and choosing the colors and brushes, our mission was complete. There were a few tears (dotting the eyes without the help of a professional can be devastating to both Kerrigan and Cinderella), but next-door-neighbor helped defuse the situation.

After waiting a few days we were able to pick up our plates, Cinderella and Otis. I feel Otis should have a more prominent spot in the house, but apparently photos of our children and wedding hold more value. Oh well.

Send us more suggestion on where you think the Arm Me should head to next!

Terri Schneider February 02, 2011 at 05:12 AM
THANK YOU Michael & Kerrigan! We had so much fun visiting and painting with you! Hope Otis & Cinderella enjoy their new home, and of course the trip to Paris! Thank you for the opportunity to be seen on PATCH ARM ME! We've really enjoyed receiving the Crystal Lake Patch updates too!
Kim Rondeau February 03, 2011 at 08:57 PM
Great job Michael and Kerrigan!! Your paintings are BEAUTIFUL!!!


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