Singles Searching for Love On Smartphones is Booming

Patch wants to know, have you used apps or online dating sites to find love? Do you think they work? If you haven’t, would you consider them?

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, the season of love lasts all year round and the number of singles searching for love on their smartphones is booming at 13.7 million in November 2012, double the rate from the previous year, ABC News reported. 

Companies like OK Cupid and Tinder both offer smartphone apps to help singles find dates. OK Cupid uses math to help find matches, while Tinder finds out who likes you nearby, according to the companies websites. 

While using apps to find love is growing, online dating sites are getting fewer visitors – about 22.9 million visitors used online dating sites in January 2012 compared with 29.3 million in 2011, ABC News reported. 

And according to Wall Street Journal, over the past decade only 17 percent of heterosexual couples met online while 41 percent of same-sex couples met online during the same period. 

Patch wants to know: Have you used an app or online dating sites to find dates? Do you think they work? If you haven’t, would you consider letting technology help match you with a date?


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