PHOTOS: First Annual Doggie Egg Hunt

More than 100 dogs hunted for eggs on Wednesday evening.

As the sun was going down, dog owners and lovers filled Hoffman Park for the first annual Doggie Egg Hunt. 

With more than 100 dogs in attendance and about 1,100 eggs for hunt, there was plenty to go around on Wednesday evening.

The plastic eggs were filled with doggie treats from Barrington's Nature's Select premium pet food store. 

The Dog Egg hunt was an experiment and base program planned by Erica Hedlund, Cary Park district program manager. 

As a dog lover, Hedlund wanted to do something for all the dogs in the community and wants the hunt to spark more programs focusing on the new dog park in Cary.

Get ready for spring and summer and register for the dog park

doneitright April 05, 2012 at 03:02 PM
How cool, i wish I would have known I would have taken my pups


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