Free Injury Screen Available at Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers

Accelerated Rehab performs free injury screen.
Accelerated Rehab performs free injury screen.
Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers−the largest physical therapist owned and managed practice in the U.S− is offering free pain assessment and injury screens from licensed professionals trained in treating musculoskeletal conditions. The Accelerated Rehabilitation center in Crystal Lake is providing complimentary pain and injury screens, as well as other locations throughout Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin and Arizona.

The 30-minute assessment is performed by a highly trained physical or occupational therapist. It encompasses a hands-on, musculoskeletal assessment of the patient’s injury or pain and includes tests for muscle strength, joint stability and flexibility.  During the exam, these licensed professionals will also test for range of motion and mobility. 

Depending on the results, Accelerated therapists will recommend next steps, which may include an appointment with a board-certified physician who best meets the needs of the patient. Additionally, Accelerated may offer the patient advice on strengthening exercises and non-surgical options for treatment.

Accelerated’s free injury screen offers:           

-       Complimentary assessment by a licensed physical or occupational            therapist

-       Convenient, easy scheduling

-       Advice about exercises for health and wellness

-       Recommended treatment options and course of care

-       Physician referral, if necessary

 “Instead of seeking a solution, people with pain often postpone treatment,” explains Sarah Jensen, Chief Clinical Officer for Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers.  “Ignoring an injury or pain for too long can cause more harm.  By offering patients a free screening, we can detect problems and send patients to appropriate professionals for proper treatment.” 

 To schedule a free injury screen, call 877-97-REHAB or log on to www.acceleratedrehab.com.   Patients will receive an appointment within 48 hours at their nearest Accelerated location.

*Free injury screenings are not available for federally funded payers  

About Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers, Ltd.

Chicago-based Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers is a premier provider of a wide array of comprehensive patient services and specialized physical therapy programs. Since 1989, Accelerated has grown to over 300 outpatient locations in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio and Arizona, becoming the top choice for many professional athletes, large employers, and busy professionals. For more information, call 877-97-REHAB, or visit www.acceleratedrehab.com.  


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