Martin Lopez Youth Violinists Appear at Lakeside Legacy Arts Park

Children will perform today during the First Friday event at Lakeside Legacy Arts Park.


welcomes Martin Lopez and his 4 Strings Attached group to the August 3rd First Friday gallery exhibit.

If you’ve ever seen Martin Lopez’ 4 Strings Attached, you were most likely taken aback. Kids varying between ages two through fourteen, and play with utter precision.

When performing the classical Bach or "America the Beautiful," they never miss a beat. Their instructor, Martin Lopez, believes learning violin or any instrument at a very young age helps guide the path of their life.

Whether performing in plays in elementary school, or speaking engagements in high school, Lopez believes that being “born performing” is helpful to any and all children.

Lopez comes from a family of musicians; his father and grandfather performed in Mexican mariachi bands.

He began to learn the violin at the age of three under the tutelage of the world-renowned Betty Haag. By age five, he was touring Europe with her and performing with her group.

After touring and playing at venues such as the Vatican and Carnegie Hall, Lopez went on to become a violin teacher in Chicago, launching a special program for two year olds. After years of teaching there, he decided it was time to start his own academy in Northern Illinois.

Along with his academy, he has a non-profit performing group titled 4 Strings Attached featuring young children with amazing talent.

He tours with that group around the country and around the world. Lakeside Legacy Arts Park is honored to consider Martin Lopez a partner in cultivating the arts as well as a common performer for the events held at Lakeside.

Meet Martin Lopez, listen to 4 Strings Attached, view three art exhibits at the free event on August 3rd First Friday event from 5:30pm-7:00pm.

Origami, face painting, coloring and other crafts will be available.

Other artists featured are Creative Artistry School of Fine Art, Patricia Bell and her “Make a Wish” installation, oil painter Danuta Loane, and jazz pianist Scott Tarson.

Lakeside Legacy Arts Park is located at 401 Country Club Road. For more information, visitwww.lakesidelegacy.org or call 815-455-8000.


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