Crystal Lake Man Hopes to Finish Documentary of Triple Ironman Race

Kamil Suran says he needs $100,000 to pay for a film editor and to purchase song rights for incidental music.

Kamil Suran, a 36-year-old immigrant from the Czech Republic, has many ambitions.

Suran runs a construction company with a shop that recently opened in downtown Crystal Lake. He takes piano lessons and is learning Spanish.

If all that isn’t enough, he is also looking for a film editor to finish a documentary that concludes with him winning a triple ironman race last year in Virginia.

He hopes to show the documentary at the Cannes Film Festival and at a theater near you. The working title is “Beyond the Breaking Point.”

“I want people to see this film and try to do things that they never thought they could do,” Suran said.

Suran, the owner of Suran Built — a home-remodeling business in — won the Virginia Triple Iron Triathlon, which took place Oct. 5-7.

In the documentary, you'll see him compete nonstop for three days and two nights without sleep. The race consists of swimming 7.2 miles, biking 336 miles and running 78 miles. The rules are you have to finish the race in 60 hours.

Suran won the race, coming in first in a field of 16, with a time of 39 hours and 55 minutes.

His buddy and training partner, Chuck Schultz, 40, of Lake in the Hills, came in eighth place with a time of 50 hours and 9 minutes. 

It was Judy Schultz, Chuck’s wife, who is the director of the film and put together an experienced camera crew to do the shooting.

Suran said he met Chuck Schultz in a fitness club.

“Ever since we’ve been challenging each other whenever we can,” Suran said.

Suran said the triple iron man is one of many challenges in his life. He doesn’t think of himself as being particularly smart. Yet he moved to the U.S. about 15 years ago and learned to speak the English language, and, because he’s in the construction business, he’s also learning Spanish and Polish.

He just opened up a swanky shop on Williams Street, next to the . You can look at examples of tile and brickwork and listen to Suran play the piano. He has a baby grand in the showroom.

Suran said he’s got a lot of raw footage of the race. He said Judy Schultz put together some film shorts of the event and made a movie trailer.

But Suran said to create the caliber of film that would be shown in theaters, he would need to hire a professional to edit the hours of film footage. He also wants to buy rights to songs for the film that would be background music. He’s guessing he’ll need about $100,000. 

He’s looking for investors.

Karrie Ozyuk January 09, 2012 at 03:54 AM
Good luck with your film. I'll spread the word & stop by to introduce myself. I own Lucky Brake Bike Shop in CL & find inspiration in your story. Thank you
Steve Handwerker January 09, 2012 at 03:39 PM
From an old-school Ironman, I say GO FOR IT! I'll spread the word!


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