Your Villain My Hero Takes on the Fire Bar

Pop/Dance group Your Villain My Hero gives the Fire Bar & Grill energetic music.

The welcomed the Chicago-based pop/dance group Your Villain My Hero to its new, larger stage since re-opening in early March after being broken into and .

The band rocked the bar well into the late night hours Friday evening as guests were treated to wicked dance moves and were motivated to also strike a dance move of their own.

Your Villian My Hero combines the vibe of pop, club, dance and electronic together into a vibrant, alive and colorful stage performance. The group is made up of lead vocalists J. Lee and Mig Mora, bassist Betina Gozo, drummer Mike Hussa and guitarist Jay Kijek. 

Although the band's set list contains mostly pop covers, including hits by Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Black Eyed Peas and Ke$ha, the band also has a few originals that they like to test out. The originals they introduced to the Fire Bar on Friday seemed incredibly well received as they railed through numbers entitled "I Don't Need a Boyfriend," "Don't You," and "Hello Goodbye."

When asked about the crowd energy at the bar, Lee commented "We've played the Fire Bar a couple times before. This experience is just getting better and better. Every time we come here it gets more fun."

A good time was exactly what everyone was looking for Friday night. Kijek hammered his guitar through each song, playing a right-handed guitar while he played upside down, strumming with his left hand. The rest of the band followed accompanying with blaring and rhythmic drum beats, rockin' bass licks, fun energy-filled vocals. 

"Our biggest market right now is college towns. Mainly because it's a bunch of kids that just want to get out, stay out late and party. Obviously we enjoy playing here. We love everywhere we play and it's just always refreshing to do something different," Lee said.


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