Patch Passport: A Little Bit of Paradise at Paul Hyland Salon and Day Spa

The Thursday Patch Passport takes you to a local spa where you can feel like you are a million miles away from the daily stress of life. Come along and relax...

The Paul Hylands Salon and Day Spa is tucked away on Memorial Drive, near Crystal Lake Healthbridge, ideal for following up a hard workout or having a quick, local getaway. If you are tense and stressed, consider relieving your anxiety with a day at the spa.

Consider starting your local spa getaway with the shellac manicure. The shellac manicure uses a new form of polish and shellac that sets under an ultraviolet light. The combination of polish and light enables the manicure to stay shiny and new for two weeks, potentially longer.

For those who tend to neglect their nails, the shellac manicure is an ideal way to have beautiful nails with minimal upkeep. Another advantage of the shellac manicure is that it dries instantly. Have no fear of chipping your new manicure as you reach into your purse for your keys.

The shellac manicure begins with nail shaping, complete with buffering and cuticle reduction. Then a base coat, two coats of polish, and a top coat of the shellac are applied. Each coat is set in a portable ultraviolet light box for a little more than a minute. After the shellac is set, the manicure moves on to a hot-towels exfoliation that opens up the pores in your hands. A hand and arm massage with an all-natural moisturizer follows the exfoliation.

The hand and arm massage at the end of the manicure easily can act as a teaser for a full massage.

Paul Hylands Salon and Day Spa offers a variety of massages, including a sports massage for athletes and a maternity massage for expectant mothers. Their massages utilize a variety of deep tissue, trigger point, and Swedish techniques, all designed to relieve stress and bring you to a new state of relaxation.

The massages are so relaxing and comforting that an hour on the massage table easily can feel like 15 minutes, but the newfound feeling of tranquility lingers long after the appointment.

In addition to their massages and nail treatments, Paul Hylands Salon and Day Spa offers facials administered by estheticians who have received advanced training. The salon uses exclusively Dermalogica professional skin care product in facial procedures.

Can’t decide between a facial and a massage? Try a “fassage,” an hour-long facial/massage combination. Whatever you choose, be assured you'll leave the spa feeling rejuvenated and at ease.

Share your favorite piece of paradise in Crystal Lake with us on our Facebook page! We will feature them as part of the project.

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