2 Super Moons in January 2014: Super Start to New Year

Two supermoons will appear in the sky in January 2014.

Some people believe a new moon represents a fresh start and new beginnings.

By that logic, January 2014 promises to be the month of hope and change.

Astronomy enthusiasts will ring in the new year with not one, but two supermoons in January 2014.

According to Wikipedia, a supermoon is "the coincidence of a full moon, or a new moon with the closest approach the moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit." 

More to the point, a supermoon results in a very large appearance of the moon in the sky. The moon typically looks bigger and brighter than usual. 

The first Supermoon will occur tomorrow, Jan. 1, and the second closes out the month on Jan. 30, according to Red Orbit. 

However, the moon itself (a new moon) will be at a new phase on both days, rising and setting behind the glare of the sun, making it difficult for skywatchers to see the events.

It's interesting to note this is the last time two supermoons will occur in a single calendar month until January 2018. 

The year 2014 will have three more supermoons - one each in July, August and September — which should all be easier to see because they also will be full moons (instead of new moons), according to Red Orbit.

Amanda Pike January 23, 2014 at 03:27 AM
This is not true. There are two new moons this month, not super moons. January 31st is a NEW MOON, that means no moon at all. Why don't you check the facts or ...you know... Google a real moon calendar.
Amanda Pike January 23, 2014 at 03:28 AM
This particular image indicates it's a super Full Moon. And that's what people are spreading on facebook, please change the image or make the New Moon aspect more clear, the misinformation is spreading wildly.
Stephanie Price (Editor) January 23, 2014 at 11:05 AM
It says in the story that they are new moons.... and even states it will be difficult to see them. The story also states supermoons occur when there are full moons or new moons. Click on the links to Red Orbit for more detailed information.


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