Norge Winter Night - photo by Kris Edlund
Norge Winter Night - photo by Kris Edlund

Annually, Norge Ski Club does it the old-fashioned way, lugging tons of snow up a 232 foot, 150 ft high Tower to create a slippery slide for ski jumpers looking to fly this weekend at Norge’s annual winter tournament.

It’s a tough job and a tradition that has been unbroken for 109 years - hauling snow up in bags like a fireman’s bucket brigade.

Once the snow reaches the top via a human chain volunteers, it finds its home as it is packed tight with a flat Aluminum bar. The snow-thrower is humming and grunting along with its laborers as sacks are distributed and lifted up the hill.

Once the tower is packed hard in place, grooves are cut for those skis which will find their way down the slide with their pushing away at the end of the take-off.

The satisfaction of being part of the team that makes possible this long tradition is as real as the camaraderie generated by a job well done.

The lights will be on tomorrow evening (Wednesday) at the top of the ski jump off Violet Avenue at 6:00 pm. Helpers welcome!


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